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Lithium battery technology made its breakthrough for portable electronic devices in the mid 90s. They provide a long service life, are lightweight, small, and due to its enhanced intelligence, rapidly replaced all other battery technologies.

Benefits of Lithium batteries:

  • Long service life, especially in cyclic environments (10x), which saves costs over time
  • Lightweight (75% less) and small size (50% less) saves space and costs
  • Lithium is unattractive for thieves – again reducing costs
  • Lithium batteries have smart management functions which gives you state of charge and state of health for ultimate usage and pro-active planning
  • Lithium batteries operate well in higher temperatures (up to 350 °C), which save costs in air conditioning equipment and operation.

Our standard battery offering is based on 19 or 23 inch modules, each one with 4U height. Each module is a complete self-contained mechanical unit with lithium battery cells and a Battery Management System (BMS).

The BMS includes charging/discharging controls, temperature and voltage sensors and provides a battery disconnect functionality. They can be paralleled for increased capacity. The BMS systems have a built-in charging algorithm, which makes it plug-and-play compatible with existing rectifier systems. This allows an easy change from lead acid batteries to lithium modules.

Battery module sizes:

  • 1U battery module with 22 to 32 Ah/48V capacity
  • 2U battery module with 44 to 64 Ah/48V capacity
  • 3U battery module with 66 to 96 Ah/48V capacity
  • 4U battery module with 88 to 128 Ah/48V capacity.
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