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Forest HillForest Hill City, Kwamnyandu and Motlosana Mall visitors will be enjoying improved coverage and data speeds this festive season.

“Radio Network Solutions (RNS) have just completed the indoor coverage solutions for major network operators for these malls in time for the festive season’s onslaught of visitors,” says RNS Sales Director, Richard Hill. “Customers and occupants will now benefit from advanced in-building wireless coverage systems.”

MatlosanaMall customers expect to make seamless calls, uninterrupted internet searches and browsing, as well as sending and receiving of emails on their smartphones whilst moving amongst shops and stores. It is imperative for these malls to cater accordingly to ensure their clients have a satisfactory experience every time.

RNS supplied the equipment required for widespread 2G, 3G and 4G coverage that includes limited MIMO for these sites.

Kwamnyandu MallWith a comprehensive range of products backed up by experienced staff, RNS offer full turnkey services to its customer base throughout Africa. From rural coverage to multi-operator multi-band SISO or MIMO “DAS” solutions, RNS can analyse, strategise, supply and implement solutions for every telecoms requirement.

RNS customers vary from small private networks to some of the world’s largest telecommunications.

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