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Africa’s largest privately owned RF System and DAS-integrator company has again showed faith in its ever growing market by investing in additional TEMS verification and network test equipment.

Neil Nordgaard, Radio Network Solutions Technical Director says: “This state-of-the-art package will certainly boost RNS’s ability to service its network operator customers by allowing RNS to produce the requisite walk test and verifications.”

The new TEMS Pocket 15.0 platform gives RNS the unique ability in-house to test and verify coverage and levels on 2300MHz and above.

“The capability of RNS to verify either TDD or FDD, combined with the ability to test VoLTE providing a real-time view of network quality across various network technologies, ensures that RNS remains a cutting-edge provider of indoor coverage solutions,” Norgaard concludes.

Acronyms explained:

RF – Radio Frequency
DAS - Distributed Antenna System
TEMS – Transport Element Management System
TDD – Time Division Duplexing
FDD - Frequency Division Duplexing
LTE – Long Term Evolution
VoLTE – Voice over LTE


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