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Radio Network Solutions’ range of solid machined and silver plated brass Diplexers has once again proven to be the leader in the industry. Their durability makes them especially preferable to use in highly corrosive areas, such as the African coastal regions.

RNS Diplexers are machined from a solid block of brass and is then silver plated for corrosion protection. This manufacturing method positions the product as a front-runner, particularly when repetitive performance over a period of time is required, and also in environmental conditions that normally destroys other competitive products in a matter of months.

“It has no lid and no joints; therefore it can’t leak,” says Neil Nordgaard, RNS Technical Director. “The fact that it is machined from a solid block makes this product almost indestructible.”

RNS has supplied thousands of these Diplexers over the past few years and to date have not had a single replacement or fault.

 RNSs bullet proof Diplexers proves it is best in the industry

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