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RNS delivers Sun City an upgraded DAS

The Sun City Resort, one of Africa’s premier vacation and weekend destinations globally known for the Nedbank Challenge Golf tournament, two Gary Player Championship golf courses, the Valley of the Waves,as well as being the backdrop for the movie ‘Blended’ with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, is now boasting a recently completed and upgraded DAS installation from Radio Network Solutions (RNS).

As part of phase one, nine multi-band, multi-operator high power remote fibre heads have been installed in various locations around the resort, enabling operators to activate new technologies at Sun City. The system is now compatible for future upgrades to further enhance the user experience and support 5G.

Studies have concluded that the “phone” on today’s intelligent devices only ranks 3rd on the list of apps most used by smartphone users. Data hungry apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, have surpassed the use of voice calls. The upgraded system at Sun City gives the subscribers on various networks access to use these apps, and others, to its fullest capability.

Along with the upgrading of the existing system, RNS also designed, built and implemented a new server and radio equipment room for the operators to share. Care was taken to ensure that current and future power requirements for all operators have been catered for. In a multi-operator room of this sort, RNS had to ensure that a temperature controlled environment, using minimal power, was created to ensure that the various systems operate at maximum efficiency.

The solution was implemented at the Sun City Casino, and the legendary Valley of the Waves water park. Consequently, hotel guests and day visitors will benefit from fast, reliable and uninterrupted mobile voice and data coverage. Phase two will address the newly revamped entertainment centre and outdoor areas.

Statistics indicate that 80 percent of all mobile communications originate within buildings, which is why in-building cell phone and wireless coverage is imperative.

DAS, or Distributed Antenna System, is a seamless solution for enhancing isolated areas of poor coverage inside a large building by strategically placing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters.

“There is great satisfaction in knowing that our solutions contribute to the lives of others,” explains RNS sales director, Richard Hill. “Guests and holiday-makers of Sun International’s Sun City Resort can now stay connected and share their experiences with the rest of the world.”

Sun City is well-known for its thrilling entertainment, luxurious hotels, and family-orientated activities, such as its cabaret shows, casino thrills, game viewing, golfing and water sports, to mention a few.

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