RNS - Separator

RNS provides a wide range of antennas covering all radio network applications for:


Distributed Antenna System (DAS), SISO and MIMO options have adjustable gain configurations, covering 250 MHz to 6.0 GHz.


Slim Line, Ultra Line, Twin Line, Trisector and Cyl Line.

Low Visual Impact

Street pole antennas, camouflage and RF transparent screens.


Bi-sector (Hotspots), Tri-sector (street and stadium) and Vega, very high gain directional antennas for rural and roadside coverage.

RNS - Antennas
RF Lens

Multi-beam antennas utilise RF Lens Technology to provide the highest performance, highest capacity, multi-beam antennas ideal for improving network performance and enhancing the end-users mobile experience.
Special events (concerts, festivals)
High density urban environments
High data events
High sites

RNS - Antennas
Comarcom Antennas
RNS - Antennas

RNS exclusively distributes Comarcom Ltd.'s revolutionary VEGA Very High Gain Antennas, a game-changer in cellular connectivity. With unmatched gain capabilities, VEGA antennas transcend traditional solutions, covering remote areas and highways that standard antennas can't reach.

Since 2013, RNS has been the exclusive South African distributor, partnering with major telecom players like Vodacom and Econet, and driving significant cost savings on infrastructure. This collaboration epitomises innovation and excellence in closing connectivity gaps.

RNS - Comarcom Antennas
RNS - Comarcom Antennas