Site combining solutions

Site combining solutions


RNS provides site combining solutions, which allow different operators to share site locations, by utilising the same RF infrastructure without interference from each other.

Passive filter combining

Narrow guard band, fully integrated filter combiners, merge two operators on sub-bands onto a single feeder, without the insertion loss normally associated with passive combiners. The unit is fully passive and delivers a matched low insertion loss solution for sharing of common feeder lines and antennas. The unit is a totally passive low loss filter and therefore no power is required. It is housed in a single 19” rack using 2U spacing and can be used with other RNS products for further sector enhancements. Outdoor packaging can also be provided.

Typical deployment is to use two identical units per sector, which allow Tx/Rx from both operator BTS ports to combine onto two main feeder lines.

Twin Line antennas

The Twin Line range allows for sharing one site between two different operators or the sharing of two different technologies through one operator, without the use of a combiner. With just a single installation, two different operators can share an antenna, therefore minimising the visual impact and appearance of the site.

A Twin Line antenna also allows an operator to share a single allocated sub-band with two different technologies such as GSM and UMTS. Since a combiner is not needed with the antennas, the sharing of a site or technologies can be implemented with ease and with minimal loss of signal.

All antennas in the Twin Line range benefit from Amphenol’s RET control concept. This concept includes fully embedded RET motors and a single non-protruding control module, utilising the Multiple Device Control Unit (MDCU). The MDCU can also be substituted with a Multiple Device Dual Unit (MDDU), which offers two separate 3GPP/AISG controls for all the internal motors.

Variations of these antennas with internal diplexers, between the 900 MHz low band and one high band, are available.

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