Test and verification

Test and verification


To ensure best performance and quality of service, RNS uses the latest state of the art test and verification systems for installation and maintenance:

RNS offers three series of portable PIM analysers and a full line of PIM testing accessories. The iPA PIM Analyser, a light weight, battery-powered unit, is the most popular PIM testing analyser on the market. The iTA PIM Analyser is a newly released twin band battery-powered unit and the iQA PIM Analyser is a feature rich, high power PIM test solution.

RNS can also offer on-site PIM training and PIM certification courses tailor-made to suit individual requirements.

iVA - Cable and Antenna Analyser is an exciting new product from Kaelus that enables users to accurately measure VSWR/ return loss and the location of the VSWR/return loss faults in their RF infrastructure. The Bluetooth interface allows unprecedented measurement flexibility and opens up new and exciting possibilities in sweep testing.

The iVA is a rugged, remotely controlled and battery operated module that can be used with any Bluetooth enabled laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

RNS - test and verification iBA Front
RNS - test and verification iVA