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RNS Combining Innovation and Technology

RNS Combining Innovation and Technology

As a leader in the wireless network arena, Radio Network Solutions (RNS) has been investing resources in combining its innovation and technology to meet the needs of the ever-expanding telecommunications environment in Africa.

Consequently, over the past three years, RNS developed many variations of its in-house Street Pole Solution. And, as technology advanced, the Solution evolved to meet the demands of its clients. This encompassed an aesthetically pleasing design, while addressing the high-capacity technology requirements of Multi-Band 4X4 MIMO, allowing for 2CA and 3CA (Carrier aggregation) across 3 bands 1800/2100/2300-2600.

The unique Street Pole Antenna Technology has a super compact design. It is only 165mm in diameter and delivers 3 sectors - each sector with 4 wide band ports capable of 1710-2690MHz. RET enabled. The compact antenna is supported on a 12M pole, with the same diameter as the antenna. This allows the solution to blend in as street light infrastructure, with various options for lights, CCTV Cameras and even advertising, depending on the surroundings.

RNS can effectively and efficiently install this Street Pole Solution within a single day! The construction work for the Solution is simplified, by using a precast base and foundation elements. The high security cabinet is fully configured prior to deployment to the individual client’s specifications and includes passive and active cooling, battery backup and the RF combining.

“The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to RNS being able to innovate and create value to its clients,” says RNS Sales Director, Richard Hill. “We are proud of the evolution of our Street Pole Antenna Solution, and we look forward to seeing the deployment of this advanced and aesthetically pleasing technology across Africa.”