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RNS Awarded Chimney Site Upgrade Project

RNS - test and verification iPA 115dBm

Radio Network Solutions (RNS) has recently been awarded a contract to upgrade multiple installed disguise Chimney sites in the Gauteng region. This forms part of the Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO’s) modernisation program.

RNS - test and verification iPA 115dBm

“The existing sites have been in service for many years and have reached their end-of-life. Since the original antennas do not cater for the increase in bands and technologies, they must be replaced,” explains Richard Hill, RNS Sales Director.

The sites, being Chimney structures, are in difficult locations and require specialised rigging teams and equipment. This, coupled with the much larger antennas, has necessitated a complete re-design and a larger RF Transparent dome structure.

“As we decommission the old site in preparation for the site upgrade, we are simultaneously installing the new Remote Radio Units (RRUs) closer to the antennas. This will mitigate any potential losses through the RF line and increase site performance,” concludes Hill.

Keep an eye on the rooftops, as RNS will continue to swap sites throughout the province in the coming weeks.

RNS - test and verification iPA 115dBm RNS - test and verification iPA 115dBm

As a focussed system integrator in the wireless network arena, RNS guarantees professional implementation. The Company offers a combined expertise of over 60 years, thereby ensuring that the Company’s engineers have the capability to design, implement and support wireless networks in any environment, inclusive of the mentioned Chimney sites.