RNS provides complete turnkey solutions with Distributed Antenna Systems for mobile voice and data coverage inside structures and buildings. With 80% of all mobile communications originating within buildings, appropriate wireless solutions are imperative to meet customer expectations.
Customised DAS designs and our turnkey approach to deliver solutions to satisfy any customer requirements and building conditions are provided through our:

Professional services,
Engineering services and
Support services.

Two versions of Distributed Antenna Systems can be designed and installed dependant on building size and future share potential.

Passive DAS

Usually 10 to 50 antenna points and generally a single operator.
Operator’s RRUs can be installed at different locations in the building and connected back to the DAS RF infrastructure.

Active DAS

Usually there are more than 50 antenna points required.
Capable of multi-operator and multi-band sharing.
Multi-operator radio units (BTS)
Located at a central point and connected to an Active Point of Interface, which combines various technologies and multiple operators to the same output levels throughout the building.
Distributed via fibre to the MBF’s (Multi Band Fibre) remote heads and again connected to the DAS RF infrastructure.

RNS has designed and installed in excess of 500 DAS solutions throughout Africa, including countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana and Uganda.

Our in-house stock of components ensures a speedy turnaround time, from site survey to hand over.