Repeaters and Boosters

Repeaters and Boosters


RNS supplies a comprehensive range of off-air RF repeaters that enhance and extend indoor and outdoor coverage.

Our off-air digital repeater systems are designed to provide consistent signal reliability for large areas where coverage is restricted due to natural and man-made obstacles. They are effectively deployed in tunnels, rural locations and dense urban environments, such as office buildings and malls.

Our off-air repeater solutions are proven and reliable. They are most effectively used as a cost-efficient alternative to base stations, where coverage is more crucial than capacity and where there is no wired backbone available.

RNS designs solutions that are easy to deploy and simple to manage via our Element Manager Software system.

Repeaters and Boosters’ characteristics:
  • Support of multiple frequency bands
  • Indoor and outdoor installation with low, medium and high power options
  • Full remote monitoring and alarming
  • Easy commissioning and set-up
  • Flexible and future-proof
  • Compliant with all regulatory standards, including ETSI and ICASA